Monday, January 29, 2007

If You Don’t Like What Your Government Has Become

America: Freedom to Fascism

by Mark Yannone

If you don't like what your government has become:

Why do you send them your money? Why do you vote for them? Why are you so easily distracted by their news agencies? Why do you play the liberal vs. conservative, Republican vs. Democrat game? Why do you let them hook you by the nose by mentioning religion, race, or abortion? Why do you use your Social Security number when asked to? Why will you accept the Real ID card when they hand it to you? Why do you accept the schools they have imposed on you? Why do you cooperate with them? Why do you fight their wars? Why do you send your children to fight their wars for them? Why do you work for them? Why do you seek government contracts? Why do you ask government for anything? Why are you waiting for others to "wake up?" Why don't you just do the right thing--all by yourself--every time? You can do the right thing and be extremely powerful--all by yourself. Embarrass them. Yell at them. Confuse them. Lie to them. Corrupt their databases. Stay away from them. Vote against them all, every time. Make their lives a living hell. Waste their time when they interfere with you. Teach them. Use the media against them. Hurt them with logic and righteous indignation. These things you can do all by yourself. You don't need permission, a group, a leader, a meeting, an office, or flyers. Just stand up for yourself and do the right thing. Digg It!

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