Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Disarmed and vulnerable--that's no way to live

Update 04/18/07: TN moves to allow guns in public buildings
The Second Amendment is about the right to protect yourself without restriction. Any politician who doesn't understand that simply can't be trusted. -JPFO

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Anonymous said...

The 2nd ammendment was designed for citizens to protect itself from its government should it shift to an anti-democratic regime, or totalitarian in other words. The U.S. government today bears resemblance, why not defend ourselves now? Clearly US citizens are sitting ducks for the induction of a military police state.

I know it's hard to think about this, being a big NRA supporter and all, but there were hundreds of people in that building. If they would have organized together and applied physical force wisely to 1 gunman, they could have taken him out. Would more have died, maybe, maybe not. Would more guns solve the problem? Most likely not. Increasing the availability of guns and making them more unrestricted in turn makes them more available to the people who shouldn't have them at all, like the murderer at VA Tech.