Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gun control advocate Phil Gordon endorsed by NRA?

Release the Fear monument in Phoenix, ArizonaMore Guns, Less Crime

by Mark Yannone
(I wear a .357 Magnum)

It's a fact. But don't bother the phoney "tough-on-crime" Mayor Gordon with facts like that. He'll do his thinking from the seat of his pants and do whatever he thinks will get him more votes, like melt down guns. That was enough to gain the endorsement of the National Rifle Association's Political Victory Fund. NRA now stands for "no recycled arms."

[From their Web site] "Envision a sculpture in the middle of Central Avenue, more than twenty-four feet tall, made from four tons of melted down weapons: hand guns, shotguns, Saturday night specials, knives, etc., all used in the perpetration of terrible crimes against our fellow human beings. This sculpture depicts actual weapons at its base, and as it rises upward, like the Phoenix from the ashes, the weapons fuse into a powerful human symbol soaring toward the heavens."

Phil Gordon, Phoenix Mayor
Peggy Bilsten, Councilwoman Phoenix City Council
Scott Jacobson, Executive Director Valley Leadership
Cody Williams, CEO Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce


Received from NRA on August 22:

NRA supports gun melter Phil Gordon



taxedout said...

According to sources, the artist received $375,000.00 dollars..and the source of this money can only be construed as public-private funding.

The symbol of this monument is ALL wrong. More guns means LESS crime. Shame on Phoenix Mayor Gordon and his NRA supporters. This is contra- social-concious art, and against our right to defend ourselves.

Big Monkey said...

If the NRA is in BED with Flash Gordon we are in more trouble with Phoenix being a Sanctuary city that it has been since on month after 9/11/2001

coderpunk said...

I have yet to see any proof that the NRA endorsed this candidate. So far the only 'evidence' is a doctored email-alert image.

Give us some facts to work with here, not a bunch of anti-NRA innuendo.

Mark Yannone said...

If you want more proof, call the National Rifle Association's Political Victory Fund. Any additional graphic evidence I post won't satisfy you. Call them. Talk to them. Satisfy yourself. I'll be happy to post whatever they tell you.

Nothing I wrote is anti-NRA. Nothing.

Blogger1947 said...

Mark, how about providing a URL for the PVF endorsement?

I just crawled all over the PVF web site and could find no reference to Gordon.

Not that I am calling you a liar--yet. Just looking for some verifiable proof of what you are claiming here.

Mark Yannone said...

NRA-PVF's promotion of gun-melter Gordon arrived via e-mail. Call them so they can verify it. I'll be happy to post what they say.

texas snake charmer said...

Reports from the trenches is NRA -PVF was contacted, and they failed to respond, it was a no comment moment in time!

Just like a coward, wants to grab your piece then shoot you with it!

NRA is a flaming-leftie front, demand your membership dues refund, and spread the word!

BigMonkey said...

I Called the NRA since I am a Life Member and was given a phone number of the NRA office out of Sacramento,CA. A Steve Helsley at 916-446-2455 and I left a message that I would like to be called back and still have not hear back from him or anyone else!!!!

Mark Yannone said...

Thanks for the update. If you get a written response from the NRA, I will be glad to post it here.

Blogger1947 said...

Mark, on your advice I inquired of NRA using their email form. It took fully a month for them to reply (during which interval the September 11th election date passed).

I won't quote the letter in its entirety here, in the interest of brevity. When I get the NRA reply on to my blog site, along with my riposte to it, I'll check back here with a link to it. They did indeed support Gordon, and the email more or less lectures me for having questioned that decision.

Suffice it to say that the very first thing the NRA functionary said in support of Gordon is that NRA and the city of Phoenix worked together on "responsible firearms storage legislation."

Bless me, if I don't remember at least ONE of the NRA Big Dogs--Wayne, Mark, Sandy or Cam--claiming that the official position of the Association was to oppose so-called responsible storage laws, noting that some governments had written into them a provision for surprise inspection of the storage of guns in the homes and businesses of gun owners (or more likely CCW holders).