Wednesday, October 08, 2008

How to unregister to vote and why

Mark YannoneHoist on Their Own Petard

by Mark Yannone

Do you feel like withdrawing your support from your government? Do you want to let them know that your vote is a vote of No Confidence? If so then you may want to unregister to vote.

The procedure may vary among the states and counties, but here in Maricopa County, Arizona, simply send a letter to:

Maricopa County Elections Department
510 S 3rd Ave
Phoenix AZ 85003

Include your name, address, date of birth, and a statement that you want to be removed from the voter registration database.

But what about your right to vote? Why would you surrender that? I'm sorry to report that the states have indicated that they have no intention of counting the votes. We filed a lawsuit against every state to ensure that the vote would be counted, but every state opposed that, and the court dismissed the lawsuit.

Well, aren't prospective jurors selected from the voter database? Sometimes, yes. In some jurisdictions the names are selected from the driver's license database. However, it has become common and acceptable for judges to dismiss grand jurors who refuse to rubberstamp the requests of the prosecutors, so that tool to preserve freedom has been nullified by government too.

You can continue to pretend that your vote will be counted, that it's perfectly fine to vote on people's property rights, and that the jury is the last line of defense against a tyrannical government. Or you can show your corrupted, bankrupt government that you recognize that the jig is up, the game is over, and they can no longer count on your support and cooperation. Unregistering to vote is a nonviolent way to deliver that clear message.

Update 06/29/09: Another way to show your disapproval of computer-based voting is to go to your polling place as usual on election day, get your ballot, and, if the ballot is going to be scanned and the vote tabulated by machine, tear the ballot to pieces and hand it back.

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im trying this in my county. thanks for the help. you're awesome.