Sunday, November 30, 2008

The most dangerous video on the Internet

Why you feel depressed, and what you can do about it

by Mark Yannone

With great pleasure, I once again bring you Stefan Molyneux, whose 16-minute and four-second video is probably the most dangerous video on the Internet. It speaks for itself.

Stefan Molyneux on the illusion of freedom


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3ms said...

That really wrecked my breakfast.

Well, what the hell, I'll just wander over to the local feed bunker and eat.

Baoliang Tiffany Lamp factory said...

well doesn't seem to dangerous to me. Seems to me the speaker is working in absolutism,and his historical opinion on when farms became productive and when slavery began is a bit off by a few thousand years.But then most people ae only aware of black slavery and haven't a clue or even care how old the slave trade is or how old the food powerhouse is and has been in power,he is right about the food being the true power on this planet,people spend more time and energy and money daily for food than any other product on this planet.Food per person is greater in value than even housing.pick it up and see it.

Nathan said...

Historical inaccuracies aside, since it wasn't meant as a history lesson, the philosophy intrigues me. I'll be looking up this person to see what else he offers. Specifically, anarchy (no gov/farming) is brutal chaos, so what can keep people in line? Who punishes wrongdoers? Who settles disputes? Is the final arbiter the biggest gun? Or does the thinker have a real alternative to the government/anarchy duality?

Anonymous said...

series of short videos that answers Nathan's question.

PongGod said...

Nathan, those are very reasonable questions. Since you're interested, I would recommend you spend some time perusing where you can find some interesting articles by Stefan and many others addressing the topic of anarchism.

Anonymous said...

Excellent video. Is a transcript available anywhere?

Mark Yannone said...

I'll look for a transcript.

Anonymous said...

Intelligence is evolving.

nelson tempNWname said...

His putative brilliance falls on its face as soon as he pooh-poohs all concern for border integrity and demographic sanity -- the pic of (presumably) Mexican types wading the Rio Grande. You can't have a country without borders and a critical mass of ethnic homogeneity. It's not "bigotry" or "fear of the other" to want these. The first Wikipedia link mentioning Molyneux is "Voluntary society". That will never come about in an ex-America full of criminal, revolutionary, virulent TB-bearing third-worlders!

Anonymous said...

Nathan, for a great but fictionalized account of how life might be lived with out the state read "On the Steppes of Central Asia" by Matt Stone @

bickelj said...

If everything this guy said is true, it doesn't look like there's anything we can do about it.

I haven't done enough reading to agree or disagree with the hypothesis that the servant state is bogus. I will agree that the state has always been sold in such a way.

The religion bashing is sort of weak in this video, but it doesn't appear to be his focal point so no big deal.

Debbie said...

This video reminds me of the philosophy of Daniel Quinn's, My Ishmael (a maieutic gorilla) and his Beyond Civilization.

Mark Yannone said...

Do you ever wonder where those third worlders might be if they hadn't been pushed out of their own countries by US policies and pulled into the US by US policies? No, it's not always the United States federal government's fault. Sometimes the blame falls on the US state and municipal governments, and frequently the blame falls squarely on the refugees' own governments. Sometimes the third worlder decided to emigrate to the US without any government prompting at all.

It is good to remember that a border with free access is still a border, just like the property line that crosses your wide-open driveway.

Note that the rest of the world has volunteered to stay off your property, and that no wall would be tall enough or thick enough if they changed their minds.

Mark Yannone said...

Here is the transcript.

MikeTheMoose said...

Like all philosophical representations of an anarchy, it pretends the Natural Law does not exist. The existence of Natural Law makes the requirements for banding into sovereignties whether big or small. Otherwise you are only as free as, and, you can only own, what YOU personally can defend against others. Overcoming the very evil in mankinds heart that causes many to try and take from others is a sickness that mankind cannot simply "wake up" from. Until the desire to dominate is driven from the heart of every human you may just file this work as a subsequent and substantially less elegant Utopia.

matthew14_04 said...

I was not impressed and although I can agree to a good degree, I have to say that there are far to many extreme and inflexible statements and one sided philosophical arguments made in this video.
On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 5

Kevembuangga said...

Utterly silly!
There is no way you can escape the state because as MikeTheMoose rightfully says:
The existence of Natural Law makes the requirements for banding into sovereignties whether big or small. Otherwise you are only as free as, and, you can only own, what YOU personally can defend against others.
Furthermore states built up by other people will come gunning for you, exterminate and plunder the "anarchists" just like the US exterminated the natives (and are still bent on this scheme).
The only constraints which prevented this in earlier times were the poor technical capabilities for warfare, nevertheless the Mongols managed to terminally cripple two brilliant civilisations the Arabs and the Chinese Song (later chinese empires weren't chinese but manchu).
Also, in spite of the idiotic musings of Marshall Sahlins and Pierre Clastres the primitive life wasn't AT ALL "Peaches and Cream".

Thus may be you can ask how you can avoid the state to be hijacked by "special interests".
THIS is the right question.

Triple Hash said...

Good overall video but the slam against religion needs to be rethought.

The religious reformers who came from Prussia were in fact helpers in building and shaping the class of workers. They worked alongside the education system to build workers who didn't question what was in the book. Reformers believed the word only in the bible is important and thus any philosophy outside of what was actually worded in the bible must be bad. Thus, the reformed church and the government worked together to make a class of people not question what they were taught. It is at this time that education was manufactured (bell sounds, do some work, bell sounds take a break) which helped the "industrial" revolution balloon.

What the Catholic Church taught though was subsidiarity. Or the lowest level of society should take care of their own parts of society. And although the idea still exists that when the lower level cannot do something, the next step up (government) can assist, it is still the idea that government doesn't mold people, i.e. educate them or train them for a job. Catholics were home schooling all the while Luther went out and built schools which later the Prussian rulers used for their advantage. The Church was teaching subsidiarity all the way down to reading, writing, and even religion in the home.

Sadly, people are not taught the true history of the Church and its teachings. There are 2000 years of history, writings, philosophy that is thrown out. Nobody is allowed to think any more since, (rinnggg), dang, time to get back to work.

(For more information read the book: Designed to Fail: Catholic Education in America)


Anonymous said...

I agree 100% if you please realize religion is NOT the same as TRUE relationship with Christ Jesus as this is the ONLY way of escape. The trouble is most won't find this out until OLD. I'm 82. The world is a stage and the people are only the actors...mostly very ignorant and unable to bend the knee to the choice of accepting Christ Jesus as their Lord & Savour. NO FALSE RELIGIONS !!!

white boy from cosmopolitan california said...

The comments here really illustrate what sorts of dumb-ass lies and hatred are really holding the system together, like nelson's visceral racist fear of brown people and Mike's quasi-religous devotion to somebody's concept of "Natural Law" (with capital letters, like the Holy Spirit).

Mark Yannone said...

To the anonymous 82-year-old wise man: How did you find out, when most others will not? Feel free to express yourself. Any criticisms will only be directed at your logic. All opinions are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Somebody posted this link:

as an answer to some earlier questions.

The link is to a bunch of propaganda films which blabber on about how for instance progressive taxation and affirmative action are evil and "collectivists" suck. And anybody making public policy is performing misguided "social engineering" unless it's the policy the filmmaker wants, etc.

The series is not from a similar philosophical position to that of the video on this page, and posting a link to it here is misleading and has wasted quite a bit of my time and undoubtedly other people's as well.

Anonymous said...

> Any criticisms will only be directed at your logic.

Or your race, apparently.

GaryN said...

One trick of the Matrix is to convince people that the only real alternative is GOVERNMENT vs. ANARCHY. That is a false alternative. The real alternative is STATISM (which creates anarchy) vs. (true) GOVERNMENT. A government service is one that truly protects property .... not just sends in armed police AFTER the crime has occurred. Any product or service that protects property (life, ideas, and tangibles) is a true government service. All forms of statism attack property which ultimately collapses the civilization and results in anarchy. Example: all the major civilizations of human history.

Anonymous said...

Yo, all the Ayn Rand fans here:

This video is not about your precious property rights.

Most of you are ordinary working slobs or small businesspeople fantasizing about how you would be rich if the goddamn government would just stop oppressing you.

This video is not about how your entitlements and privileges are being unjustly restricted by this particular government.

This video is about how your entitlements and privileges are part of a program of livestock management that keeps you confused, productive and loyal.

Mark Yannone said...

"Moo!" -Murray N. Rothbard

disappointed said...

> all ideologies are variations on human livestock management practices

This would be an interesting idea if the author were not attempting a bait-and-switch on us wherein the particular ideology he's promoting masquerades as "the opposite of ideology ... clear evidence and rational principles." No, sorry, it's just another ideology, and he was right the first time it's a livestock management practice.

Kevembuangga said...

@the anonymous 82-year-old wise man

ANY religion is a mild form of schizophrenia, ascribing inner feelings, emotions, visions, to external fictitious entities.
Myself and others have been arguing about the madness of religions at some other blogs, this one doesn't seem the proper place, go over there if you want to defend your illusions:
No you are not an idiot, you are much worse
Reasons to Believe (that Creationists are Crazy)

@white boy from cosmopolitan california

Mike's quasi-religous devotion to somebody's concept of "Natural Law"

Forget about the wording, just show us that the tendency of any of us naked apes isn't to plunder and kill the "stranger" for our own profit.


All forms of statism attack property which ultimately collapses the civilization and results in anarchy. Example: all the major civilizations of human history.

Collapse of civilizations has nothing to do with statism or government policy regarding private property, it's a systemic effect of decrease on marginal returns of civilisation complexity.

nil illegitimi carborundum said...

When will people wake up.

We do not need war
We do not need armies.
We do not need government.

That is the ONLY way to peace. We must start to campaign for a cessation of government.

We must encourage people to have as little to do with government as possible.

We must stop writing about government. We must cease to publicise its atrocities. We must let everyone know that we do not support the hackneyed idea of government.

I am old enough, and intelligent enough to govern myself. Is there anybody who thinks any different?
Everyone I speak to seems to think that they could easily manage without government, but they do not believe that every one else can survive without government. They can all find reasons why everybody except them needs government. It's time to wake up.

We do not need government.

Ask anybody what their government has done for them.

In a quick survey I heard "Nothing", and "They have lied to me"

Will someone tell me what I would be unable to do without government?

All government has ever done for me is to take my money, and to create restrictions on my life.

How about you?

Would YOU attack me, and come and steal my property.

Only those tiny few have this idea, but they are supported by billions of people like the commentors here appear unable to understand that the time for government has passed. It is time for each and every one of us to learn to stand on our own two feet.

The human race is not naturally aggressive. It looks that way in history, because history has been manipulated by the same controllers who control governments, so they can maintain their power over a frightened populace. If the populace refuse to support them, the controllers are finished, and we can get on with the peaceful life that every human being requires, and if pushed far enough by governments, is prepared to fight for.

Curt said...

The idea that the American Indians or other earlier civilizations were free from "statist" ideas like governments, borders, etc. is absolutely preposterous. For example, the American Indian had a fairly dictatorial style tribal government, and utilized fairly communistic "economic" practices. Their society was very much sectioned off by borders and they defended those borders and invaded the borders of rival tribes just like their "evil" European cousins across the sea. There has ALWAYS been some form of government in ALL societies in ALL the world... the myth of a successful Anarchist society is just that... a MYTH. The reality of Anarchy is that it is that it is every bit as anti-liberty as the most authoritarian government, because in the blink of an eye it devolves into mob rule awaiting the rise of the most powerful dictator.

Kevembuangga said...

I am old enough, and intelligent enough to govern myself. Is there anybody who thinks any different?
Everyone I speak to seems to think that they could easily manage without government, but they do not believe that every one else can survive without government. They can all find reasons why everybody except them needs government. It's time to wake up.

Just like you I could do without government, but the overwhelming majority wouln't and they are the sycophants upon which the government draws its power.
Therefore everybody has to make do with some sort of government.
An ancient well known problem, see The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude

nil illegitimi carborundum said...

Sorry to be critical of your comments, but like most others, you are unaware of the total extent of the approaching paradigm shift.

Can you imagine visiting another planet. What would you think if you found that the planet had been divided into small sections, each with its own controllers, who constantly warred with each other. Many other planets are said to have arrangements far more civilised than this. It is time for Planet Earth to move on, along with all its occupants, and those who cannot see outside the box that they have been mind-controlled to believe in will surely perish.

nil illegitimi carborundum said...

Why are you, or I, so mdifferent to the overwhelming majority.

It is this crazy need to live someone else's life that causes these tyrants to try to control our lives. Can you not see that we all feel the same. Our governments were supposedly designed to represent our views. When most people feel that they themselves do not need government, then there is no need for government. So let's star with you and I. We do not need government.

I have lived for five years in a small self-governing community - it was the happiest and least troubled community I have ever experienced in the thirty or so countries I have visited - so I KNOW that we do not need government.

Blindweb said...

Is this video suppose to be ironic?

He's participating in the same ideas he condemns.

Spreading a message of an oversimplified reality in order to advance one's goals. Sounds like propaganda to me. If you presuppose that you have rights to things, it's easy to claim that someone took it from you. Without a God how do you have a right to anything? Some moral system that's completely arbitrary? Some system that you believe is right because others agree with you? How is that different from the current system, except that you are at the bottom of the current system? How about he builds something for himself instead of blaming everyone else. It's one thing to point out different perspectives on various systems, it's quite another to start crying about your position in life and how unfair it is. Way to twist great ideas expressed by people like Chomsky and Rockwell into hate. Way to fail high school philosophy. I can go on if you think you can keep up.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. It's cool to see an honest intellectual propagandist who isn't at all bothered about showing his agenda.

Another elegant and subtle way of secularization. Mix the truth with the lies... When you start taking this guy's truth for granted, you are being livestock managed once again. Do NOT be fooled by anyone.

What people REALLY need to realize is the nature of their existence. Think quantum physics, think consciousness, think unspoiled religion, think spirituality.

This world is just a place, you are trapped in the cube.

Kai Jansen said...

Forget so-called 'historical inaccuracies'-
Stefan goes back far enough to make the point -
Forget so-called 'borders'.
'Anarchy' is the 'fear-program' running in opposition to any idea of real freedom (and possibly borderlessness).
Of course we have borders NOW for a variety of other reasons, but this is not the point of the film. The point of the film seems to be to wake us up to the true nature of our 'keepers'(the elite). He does this in a very chilling and orderly way. Another film dealing with the subject of 'waking-up' is
"America: From Freedom To Fascism", which deals with the specifics of where things have come from and where they are heading in the socio-political program being run.
I had never thought of the idea of being a 'free-range human', a totally abhorrent notion but which I know to be true from my own life where I have always tried to stretch the boundaries only to meet an 'invisible wall'.
Personally, I have always thought that these societies we live in were a 'put-up-job'.
I've had this feeling since early school-days.
It was somehow all being organised for someone elses benefit, never ours.
Someone, somewhere or some Thing, which makes people think along a path and do so much stupid and ugly stuff through various forms of coercion, which sooner or later culminate in WARS, with the absolute and ignorant co-operation of 'The People'.
Why don't you just all lay down your actual
and psychological 'arms', and never co-operate in any violent venture again, whatever shape it takes.
Begin by never coercing each other, whether they are your children or your parents.
WHO makes you swallow this stuff, except yourself!
YOU are responsible for all wars & outward ugliness, because you are the ones doing the fighting, first inwardly and then in the so-called real world. And so am I. Reality is a construct of the mind, which then projects itself onto everything and everybody, so quickly, that you may not even notice that you have 'done it' - again! Reality is your particular vested interest asserting itself over others.
WHY?! - Bottom-line: Fear. And that's how they get us. Fear.
It does not matter what you are afraid of. Just the state-of-fear is enough for you to be controlled. Fear seems to be an inward emotional response to a set of seemingly outward circumstances.
If you are about to be attacked by a lion or run down by a bus, and if you do not act immediately, you are lost!
Seeing the situation and acting immediately, there is no fear, only the action.
Everyone knows this. So how does fear creep in? Through time.
Allowing TIME into the thought-process as a psychological state.
THOUGHT is TIME. So it seems that fear creeps over time, an inhibiting sense of loss, which builds & builds.
My personal answer in a lot of situations is not to allow TIME to enter and to act immediately, as much as I can, but... easier said than done. When people say: have courage, I say: Do NOT, for you have allowed the fear-gremlin 'Time' to enter again. Instead, act from what you really know to be true and can see with your own invisible eyes, and I don't mean CONSCIENCE. Do this, and wars will stop overnight and no-one will be able to 'persuade' you that the right course of action for any human-being is to go somewhere and KILL someone else, no matter what the reasons given! The only real answer is CONSCIOUSNESS, which is what I think Stefan is driving at and which is why this film merits a serious response. (Thanks to 'Kev...' & 'nil....' for that.)
Take away one of the main planks from 'the keepers', and this whole house-of-cards will collapse... for the better! It's also what got John Lennon & Martin Luther King killed, but as we are not such high profile cases, we could act on a daily basis to dilute and minimise the effects of statism in our own lives.
Who knows. It could spread.

Jordan Lopehandia said...

Wow, this is a very very accurate description of how we are all controlled so easily.

But would the people who are really hurting in this world care to be slaves in this environment? We have it good, sadly. Better than most.

We, being the people who can view this video. Sure, us living in this system/"society" are enabling the people who created it (Illuminati) control over it/us, but with the advent of the internet we now have something us "serfs" never had before: Mass communication.

Never before has what I saw here been possible. Not for thousands of years. It is because of this mass communication that this will all come crumbling down.

Where one person and a laptop can make millions in one year where they had nothing before.

That's how we break these chains of oppression. We take our cage, and make it our own. We take the rules of the game they made, and use those rules to defeat them.

It's possible for the first time in the history of human existence, thanks to the mass communication ability the internet provides us.

Kevembuangga said...

It's possible for the first time in the history of human existence, thanks to the mass communication ability the internet provides us.

Yup, tell this to the Chinese Govt, Myanmar, Saudis, etc... (others to follow!)
They are not aware yet.

alfred s said...

Interesting video and commentary. Though I think it is rather simplistic that the author states that government and "statism" are tools for enslavement. Human beings choose their status in life not because they are told to but because of their inaction, insecurities and environment. Humans refuse to reason but instead cling to superstitions and to rationalize away any negatives or positive events that occur in their lives, not realizing they have a greater input on what happens around and to them. The people have created governments and so called statism, and in turn can change them at will, though at a cost, human and financial. The people have created these institutions so they did not have to take responsibility or make the hard decisions in life, they have deferred their rights for the sake of convenience and false security. You may want to check out The American Conservative, it discusses politics and economics from a human philosophical perspective.

Anonymous said...

Typical Ayn Rand crap that uses half truths, blatant historical inaccuracies, and pretty words that sound good but fall apart in even the slimmest observation. I'm bored to tears of paranoids extolling the evils of all governments in the pursuit of panicking the weak and stupid; of people attacking all intellect or art as a massive plot so they can excuse their own lack of education or creativity. But it is proof that if you put a guy with an expressive voice and a fancy accent on your tripe, people will believe it and flock behind it like sheep.

Really believe in this? Quit your job and go into the forest and grow your own food. We'll get along fine without you.


Anonymous said...

Take a lesson from the Amish. Ever heard of shunning? It works very well and requires no violence. If we ignore the government and give it no credence, it will dissolve. If no one showed up for the war, there would be no war. If no one asked for permission and just took responsibility for them self, there really is no need for a government.

Who needs them?!

Not me.

Kevembuangga said...

Ever heard of shunning? It works very well and requires no violence.

Sure, the native americans were very successful at "shunning"...

blackaziam said...

The United States Government has indebted each one of us, every man, woman and child in the country for nearly $30,000 each or 9.4 Trillion dollars in US debt! And it continues to grow daily. To understand this one must understand the Federal Reserve System and how it works.

The Federal Reserve System of the United States is a fractional reserve banking system, meaning it’s not required to have an equivalent amount of gold or silver on deposit to issue currency. The Federal Reserve Bank was chartered by the U.S. Congress to be the CENTRAL BANK of the United States on December 24, 1913. THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK IS IN FACT A PRIVATE CORPORATION and the Federal Government has nothing to do with it’s operation. The word “Federal” was added to it’s name to give it greater acceptance with the people. It’s main function is to serve as the controller of credit in the economy. This is accomplished by determining the size of the money supply and the ease or difficulty of borrowing. The governors of the Federal Reserve Board and the presidents of the 12 Federal Reserve banks are often referred to as monetary authorities. They control the issuance of paper currency and coins. They also determine monetary policy, which, by affecting interest rates and the money supply, results in a measure of influence upon ALL economic activity, including unemployment and inflation.

The most direct cause of unemployment, recession, depression, growth and prosperity, is this very small and exclusive organization. There is no requirement to have an equivalent amount of gold or silver on deposit to issue currency. That means they create money out of thin air!

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.” - Verbal Kent in The Usual Suspects

What follows is a dialogue between Representative Wright Patman of Texas and Federal Reserve Governor Marriner Eccles. This verbatim exchange is taken directly from the transcript of the hearings before the Senate House Committee on Banking and Currency, September 30, 1941.

Patman: “How did you get the money to buy 2 billion dollars worth of Government securities in 1933?”

Eccles: “We created it.”

Patman: “Out of what?”

Eccles: “Out of the right to issue credit money.”

Patman: “And there is nothing behind it... except our Government’s credit?”

Eccles: “That is what our money system is. If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn’t be any money.”

In order to keep this scheme from collapsing the government must continue to borrow.

“War is a global economic phenomenon.” - Dante Beze, The New Danger

“... Islam enjoins acts of sacrifice... it (Islam) prohibits usurious dealings which are the basis of modern warfare. ALL WARS are now carried on with the help of loans, interest on which ultimately is a source of ruin to both the conquerors and the conquered.” - Maulana Muhammad Ali, footnote Sura 2 - 275a

The media is obsessed with talking about interest rates, but the problem is not interest rates. All interest is usury regardless of the rate. You should realize by now, that if all borrowing stopped, both personal and national, we would very quickly be plunged into a deep depression. The same result would occur if the Federal Reserve stopped lending.

If you have fully grasped and understood what has just been disclosed, then you know that we, meaning most EVERYONE, have literally been taken captive as “Debt-Slaves” to the Hidden Dynasty of Commerce.

Alex said...

Great movie, although to rationalist in it's aproach for my taste.

This seems to me as a popularized version of Karl Marx.

Anonymous said...

Good video; but didn't George Orwell say all the same things sixty years ago?

Jordan Lopehandia said...

So! What the hell should we all do about it. Any suggestions? Anarchy is a lot of effort with no potential for gain as I see it. So what to do then?


Anonymous said...

That is simple. Understand what you are.

Anonymous said...

I love the water boarding artwork at 3min 52sec. Was it considered torture back then? lol :D

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the comments from many here show the complete lack of consciousness regarding the very situation in which they are living. And the more asleep the commenters are, the more aloof and pompous their response. If you think about the percentage of your income (labor) that is consumed by taxation (in it's many forms from income tax, sales tax, inflation, registration fees, licensing fees, traffic and parking tickets, etc.)you are giving away more than 60% off your labor to provvide tax breaks for the "Corpratocracy", to pay for the war profiteers like Haliburton and the Carlyle Group to get rich, and making the private Federal Reserve Banksters RICH (interest on the "National Debt"). I for one choose the red pill, you can choose to stay on the farm and let these leeches get fat on your blood, sweat and tears. I will choose a sovereign status and opt out of the system. Just like he said in the clip, Wake Up or remain chattel.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the speaker is correct. There has been slavery of one kind or another throughout human history. As long as there are people who crave power over other people there will be human slavery. We as a species cannot deny our own philosophical short comings.

Anonymous said...

The desire to rule or control "the people" has got to be based in some kind of collective insecurity that we all share and has been passed down from generation to generation. I think if anarchy is truly best for all of man, then we will eventually come to that. The fact that all of us are here listening to different ideas and debating them is what is going to save us. Stefan Molyneux makes lots of sense to me and I can honestly say his books, especially the first one ,"On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion" have changed my life. For me, I am finding the more research I do on this subject the more that fear and insecurity are the primary motivating factors in all human behavior. Stefan's views of the state included. Knowing all this information leads me to one conclusion. We enslave ourselves. Blame the state, or religion, or any other group that has "taken" something from you. Truth is they took nothing, you GAVE it too them just as I have.
The internet, I believe, is the greatest advancement in man's history because we can all discuss these issues. I think we should all try and work out our own fears and insecurities first then the rest would take care of itself. That is just my opinion and if it is truly right and the best thing to improve mankind, then I have faith that someday that is what will happen. There is plenty to go around. There is no need to fight each other. This fundamental shift in thinking is what will improve the world. All men and women are equal at birth. This is self evident. The need to feel you are better than somebody else has got to be based in fear and insecurity.