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Cantoni opens up a can of whup ass

Craig J. CantoniCoobans, Eyetals, Filipinos, sheep, and the presidential race

by Craig J. Cantoni

Thank goodness for TV remotes. When a campaign commercial for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama appears on the TV screen--Click!--I turn to I Love Lucy reruns, which are far more intelligent and educational.

There, as Ricky Ricardo would say, you'll see a "Cooban" who is married to a red-headed, blue-eyed Irishwoman, probably the most popular couple ever on TV, and a couple that headed a Hollywood empire. But that was before the US government and its obedient, unthinking, and insensitive minions in business and academia insulted Cubans and other distinct ethnic groups by taking away their unique identity and lumping them together with different groups under the "Hispanic" label.

Hey, minions, a Cuban is not the same as a Mexican, just as an Italian is not the same as a pasty-faced Anglo. For one thing, Italians have better teeth and libidos than Anglos. They also have larger noses, which I think makes them look distinguished. No doubt, a lot of African blood made its way to the Italian peninsula. So did a lot of chimpanzee blood, given the fact that DNA analysis shows that all humans are racially identical, with 98 percent of our genes the same as monkey genes. (For President Bush, it's 99.5 percent.)

Speaking of Italians, is it possible for an "Eyetal" to be elected president? The minions have taught me to see racism everywhere, so Rudy Giuliani must have lost because of the racist Godfather movies and Soprano series, not because he ran a lousy campaign or was a Benito wannabe when he was a New York prosecutor. Of course, New York Italians are mostly Sicilians and Napolese. That makes them about as similar to a northern Italian like me as Louisiana Creoles are to Boston Brahmins.

Phew! This racial bean-counting is complicated.

But to continue with the bean-counting, the media pooh-bahs won't tell you something that I learned by living in the Mexican barrio of San Antonio: that Mexicans don't have a lot of affection for blacks. Nor will they tell you what I learned by working as a teenager as the only white, er, olive, on a black janitorial crew: that a lot of blacks are racist.

Thank goodness my kid's generation sees the racial poppycock for what it is: an arbitrary system of doling out racial spoils and favors. For example, one of my kid's high school classmates has a Spanish surname and whiter skin than my son. His dad is a lawyer, and his mom, a CPA. He razzes my son about getting more admission points to college because of his last name.

Is this what Barack Obama means when he says that he'll unite us? Is he going to eliminate affirmative action for Mexicans, or is he going to expand it to Italians?

While we're on the subject of platitudes, what does Hillary mean when she says in her campaign ads that she works every day to help people? Well, she doesn't mean that she works at the Salvation Army soup kitchen. She means that she uses government force to take stuff from some people and give it to other people, so she can pretend to be compassionate.

By the way, I think a law should be passed requiring that the words "some people" be substituted for the word "government." That way, instead of Hillary or Obama saying, "I'll see that the government helps the XYZ group," he or she would have to say, "I'll see that some people help the XYZ group."

Don't think that I'm being partisan. I dislike John McCain as much as I dislike Hillary and Obama. After all, this a guy who idolizes Teddy Roosevelt. Elect him president and we'll send the Navy to the Philippines to brutally quash Filipino independence.

Hmm, why don't the media talk about McCain sharing Roosevelt's desire to project American power around the world? Because the media are primarily Democrat, and the history of the twentieth century shows that Democrats have been just as war-like and as meddlesome in other countries as Republicans--more so, when dead bodies are counted.Sheep

I'm off subject. What was the subject?

Oh, yes, it was race. You see, we really don't share 98 percent of our genes with monkeys. Given how Americans buy into government propaganda, candidate platitudes, and media claptrap, we actually share 98 percent of our genes with sheep.

Mr. Cantoni is an author and columnist. He can be reached at

TonySopranoCare: a health-care deal you can't refuse

Shikha DalmiaSaying No to CoerciveCare

by Shikha Dalmia

On Monday, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's "universal" health-care plan was shot down by a committee in the state's Senate, 7-1. The most vociferous opponents were not fiscal conservatives, but labor unions that launched a last-minute revolt against its most crucial feature: an individual mandate that would have forced everyone to buy coverage.

This defeat has national political implications. Hillary Clinton, for example, has denounced Barack Obama for refusing to include an individual mandate in his health-care plan. Yet many California unions argued that a mandate would force uninsured, middle-income working families to divert money from more pressing needs toward coverage whose price and quality they cannot control.

The unions are correct: This is exactly what is happening in Massachusetts, where Mitt Romney enacted a similar plan two years ago as governor. (And Mr. Romney's plan is the inspiration for both the Schwarzenegger and Clinton plans.) The experience in the Bay State deserves a lot more scrutiny than it has been getting.

Massachusetts uses a sliding income scale to subsidize coverage for everyone up to 300 percent of the poverty level--or a family of four making around $60,000. Everyone over that limit is required to pay for their own coverage if their employers don't provide it. All this has inflated demand, which, combined with onerous regulations on insurance suppliers, has triggered premium increases of 12 percent for this year--double last year's national average.

No one is escaping the financial sting. The state health-care bill for fiscal 2008-2009 is expected to be $400 million more than originally projected (85 percent higher). Still the state won't be able to fully shield those it subsidizes from the premium increases. But uninsured folks who don't qualify for government help really get pounded. Before the hike, the cheapest plan for uninsured couples in their 50s cost $8,200 annually. Now, unless government bureaucrats hand them an exemption, they might well find it cheaper to pay the penalty--up to half the price of a standard policy--than purchase insurance. That is, pay to remain uninsured. This is legalized extortion: TonySopranoCare.

The government response to rising premiums is, unsurprisingly, price controls. The Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority--the bureaucracy created to oversee RomneyCare--is considering prohibiting underwriters from raising premiums more than 5 percent for unsubsidized plans, meanwhile requiring them to cover 40-odd benefits from hair prostheses to chiropractic services. If companies can't scale back coverage, they'll have to compromise care; and the Connector is perfectly willing to assist.

As reported in the Boston Globe, the Connector is encouraging insurance companies to include only a limited network of cheaper physicians and facilities in some plans to hold down premiums. Patients who wish to see more expensive providers will have to dig into their own pockets. Dr. Steffie Wollhandler, a professor of medicine at Harvard University, worries that the Connector will revive Governor Romney's original idea of enrolling poor people in plans that only offer access to neighborhood health centers ill-equipped to treat anything beyond routine ailments. Forcing people to buy substandard care they cannot afford is not universal care, she says. "It is a hoax." And so Massachusetts is marching toward a system of two-tiered medicine--the alleged market inequity that universal care is supposed to cure.

How about enforcing the mandate? In Massachusetts, non-compliers lose their personal tax exemption--about $220--the first year, followed by fines in subsequent years. California was planning to garnish the wages or impose liens on the mortgages of the uninsured to pay for coverage. "This bill was like telling someone who is in need of help, 'I'm going to give you food, but I'm going to take away your clothes,' " Leland Yee, a Democratic senator from San Francisco, told the California Chronicle.

The problems with RomneyCare have prompted Mr. Romney himself to abandon it. And Mr. Obama is surely correct that part of the reason 45 million Americans are uninsured is not that no one is forcing them to buy it, but that they can't afford it. It may be too much to hope that Mr. Obama would embrace market-oriented measures--such as deregulating insurance markets, giving patients more control over their health care dollars, and fixing the federal tax code* to let individuals, like employers, buy health coverage with pre-tax dollars--to bring down insurance costs. But unlike Mrs. Clinton, he at least seems to understand the perverse side effects of an individual mandate.

Should Hillary Clinton ever be in a position to bully people into buying coverage, a coalition of labor and fiscal conservatives might well do to HillaryCare what it just did to GovernatorCare.

Shikha Dalmia is a senior analyst at the Reason Foundation.

*The federal tax code does not impose a tax on most individuals, although the federal government behaves as though it does. -mjy

Source (The version above has been corrected by the author.)

We make people fat, sick, stupid, and impotent

McSupersize me, baby!

Mark Yannone

No wonder we are a nation of obese, limp-dicked, Viagra-driven dimwits who clamor for "free" health care to pay for buckets of prescription drugs. No wonder we repeatedly "elect" murderous morons to overpaid political offices and are preparing to do that again.

Super Size Me

It bears repeating. This movie helps explain why America has:

  • a health care "crisis"
  • an obesity crisis
  • a huge Viagra market
  • a huge Ritalin market
  • a huge pharmaceutical market
  • discipline problems in school
  • academic problems in school
  • an epidemic of ignorance
  • criminal governments at all levels
No government intervention is required. Just make sure that your neighbors do not make you and me responsible for their bad eating decisions. If they would like to self-destruct, they may. But they must do so on their own. They cannot use government to make you and me pay for their behavior, no matter how sick they get.

Do you hear the people sing?

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beyond the Green Zone

by Dahr Jamail
November 15, 2007

Part [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

[It is important to note that Dahr Jamail--brave, intelligent, and honorable man that he is--repeats the common error that our country is a democracy. For the benefit of those who don't know, let me add the correction that our country's form of government is that of a constitutionally limited republic with democratically elected representatives. That's not a democracy, no matter how many people make that mistake, including the stacked, blonde babe who reads you the evening news on TV every day. -mjy]

Give yourselves a craniorectal award, and supersize it

Craig J. CantoniLooking at America's decline from the window of a 1971 Impala
A serious and sometimes silly essay on the state of the nation

by Craig J. Cantoni

In 1971, when I began my business career of fixing declining companies, General Motors was thought to have the best in-house management school in the world. It's where GM managers learned to carry on the company's proud tradition of designing cars with fenders that rusted out in three years. In fact, the term "Rust Belt" comes from the band of rust that ran from the front fender, across the bottom of the doors, and to the back fender.

Now, after 37 years of working with scores of companies like GM, I'm living in a nation that resembles GM in 1971: fat, spoiled, bureaucratic, on the verge of decline, and with a nincompoop in charge and other nincompoops waiting in the wings.

You might think that parallels can't be drawn between the nation and GM, because GM can't print money, can't send the Marines to conquer Toyota, can't stay in business if the company increases spending and overhead as quickly as George W. Bush did in his first term, and can't threaten customers with prison if they refuse to fork over money on April 15 for a Suburban.

On the last point, imagine if Ronald McDonald were a Democrat with the legal authority to force customers to hand over their money to buy Big Macs. After observing his customers from behind the counter, Ronald would separate them into two groups. Group 1 would be customers with small butts who work their asses off from dawn to dusk, who save money, and who are responsible parents and spouses. Group 2 would be customers with big butts who are the opposite. Ronald would then point a gun at Group 1 and tell them to buy Big Macs, big milkshakes, and big fries for Group 2. He'd then brag to the local newspaper about his compassion and concern for social justice. After the free lunch, Group 2 would waddle to the polls and vote for Barack Obama, who wants to expand free lunches while berating Group 1 for playing partisan politics.

As you can see, parallels can indeed be drawn between nations and businesses. For sure, both exhibit similar symptoms when decline is imminent.

Decline shows up first between the ears, not in financial or economic data. This is proved by George W. Bush, the true-blue free marketer who made millions from subsidized baseball in spite of years of consuming substances that kill brain cells and leave the victim slouched over on a lectern with a blank look on his face and the inability to pronounce "nuclear."

Decline shows up in mindsets--in beliefs, values, expectations, and attitudes. At GM, the prevailing mindset was that car buyers didn't care about rusty holes in their fenders, that employees were forever entitled to richer pay and benefits, and that the Japanese were only good at making Godzilla movies and holding wrestling matches between fat men in diapers.

In the US, the prevailing mindset is: (a) that it's good to take money from Group 1 and give it to Group 2, because Group 2 is now in the majority; (b) that if the nation is facing bankruptcy from $60 trillion in unfunded liabilities for entitlements, the smart thing to do is add a $10 trillion prescription drug entitlement under a Republican president and then elect a Democrat president who will nationalize the healthcare industry; and (c) that the Chinese economy is booming because those dirty, slanty-eyed Chinamen are playing dirty, not because they are working harder and saving more.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot: Americans are also entitled to big cars, big houses, big subsidized sports palaces, and cheap gas. We are Americans, after all. We are GM employees of 1971.

Speaking of subsidized sports palaces, Glendale, Arizona, is hosting the Super Bowl this weekend in a subsidized sports palace. The palace is across town from where I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. Local TV shows were interrupted yesterday to show the Giants deplaning at Phoenix's airport, like conquering heroes instead of a bunch of thugs who can't pronounce "ask," thanks to public education.

Speaking of public education, I'll veer off on that subject in a moment, but first I want to continue veering off on bread and circuses.

My wife veered into the Giants on the way home from work yesterday. They were being escorted in their luxury bus to their luxury resort by six Phoenix motorcycle cops. A couple of years ago, I ran into a college football team that was in town for the Fiesta Bowl. They couldn't pronounce "ask" either. Their bus was being escorted by a phalanx of Scottsdale cops. It had just left a local high school, where, in a publicity stunt, the players had taught the students how to mispronounce "ask." I beamed with pride at the thought of my tax money being used this way.

Now for public education, or to be more accurate, the GM management school of 1971.

What a great idea: teach everyone to think alike and go off the cliff alike, like the Japanese on the island of Saipan.

What's that you say? Oh, you're saying that everyone doesn't think alike, for if they did, there would be only one political party, a party that believes in redistribution, foreign meddling, big government, and unfunded entitlements. You're right: We have two parties that believe in such things. You're also saying that if everyone thought alike, everyone would believe that the nation is a majority-rule democracy instead of a constitutional republic. You're right: A whopping three percent of Americans are classical liberals like the Founders and thus believe in limited government and the Constitution. They are seen as fruitcakes, or worse, as libertarians, by the other 97 percent.

Let's end our drive in a 1971 Impala by dissecting last night's State of the Union address and the stump speeches of the leading presidential candidates.

Craniorectal AwardPhew! What a stench! Hold on while I dig around in the entrails for a comment about the $450,000 in unfunded liabilities that each American family will have to pay off in the coming years. Gag! This smells like my garbage after it's sat in the garbage can in 115-degree temperatures for a week in the summer.

While digging and choking, I'm thinking about former CEOs of GM not leveling with employees about the need to cut wages and benefits so that the company could invest in productivity improvements, which is the only way of beating the competition and increasing wages and benefits without going bankrupt. Certainly, President Bush and the leading presidential candidates are smarter and more honest than former GM CEOs.

If you believe that, you have your head in a garbage can . . . or worse.

Mr. Cantoni is an author and columnist. He can be reached at

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Russia's self-imposed Internet isolation

Recent Internet traffic to

Russia is about to go as dark as China

by Mark Yannone

When the Internet penetrated the formidable Great Wall, China isolated itself from the rest of the world by erecting an electronic barrier that restricts access via the Internet.

Russia has now decided to do the same. Within a couple of months, only 10 percent of Russia's Internet users will have access to the free world--if their work requires such access and if their requests for access are approved by the so-called Special Services. [Source]

While the rest of the world benefits enormously from the free exchange of information in the planet's monumental network of human and machine intelligence, the governments of China and Russia will happily impose on their citizens an order to collectively shoot themselves in the head.

This won't be the first Great Leap Backward for either country, but their ever-increasing need to interact with the highly communicative free world will certainly make these Great Leaps Backward the most visible of all time.

There is nothing delicious about this irony. When Russia and China are cut off, 1.7 billion people in an area the size of Canada, the United States, and Brazil will be censored and controlled by a handful of lunatics. Those are details that the lunatics would like everyone to ignore.

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How criminals use your hard work and sacrifice

Blessed are the peacemakersThe lunacy behind the fraud that enables and supports the insanity of America's endless "wars"

"Why would you want to go see those animals?" (Zionist cab driver in Israel, referring to Gazans.)

by Mark Yannone

"Why the Christian Right cannot seek peace" by Charles Carlson [Listen] 50:12

"The Cause of Our Conflict: Spawned in Church" by Charles Carlson [Watch]
(If the slide show stops at Chapter 17, type G and click "Next Screen.")

See also: The lunatics are ready for you to die

See also: "A Pictorial Chronology: The apocalyptic world view through the ages"

Disclaimer: This blog does not advocate or defend religion, because your beliefs are your business. But if you are lost without something to believe in, let me recommend George Carlin and Penn and Teller.

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What makes Ron Paul so unusual?

This should be a billboard.

The 2008 presidential candidates

Just a gentle reminder: If you don't control your money, you control nothing. Ron Paul is the only candidate who acknowledges that you have a right to control all of it.

The occasional grin from the vacuum

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Update 02/01/08: Super Tuesday Voter's Guide

No End in Sight: Iraq's Descent into Chaos

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Rejecting election fraud

Mark Yannone

by Mark Yannone

In those states that use machines to vote or tally the vote, the election results should be properly labeled "unproven," which are worthless (yes, even in the elections won by Ron Paul).

Given what we have been shown by and others, if a state doesn't convert to 100 percent paper with a manual count, there is no point in running for office or voting. I, for one, will turn in my voter registration card.

Gazans and Israelis unite to reject Zionist genocide

Israelis protest against Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip at the Erez border crossingUmm al-Fahm turns out lights, Israelis rally against Gaza siege

by Jack Khoury and Mijal Grinberg

The Israeli-Arab town of Umm al-Fahm shut off its electricity for one hour on Saturday night in an intentional blackout, and a torch-lit march was held in solidarity with the residents of the Gaza Strip to protest an Israeli blockade of goods entering the coastal territory.

Earlier, more than 1,000 people in Israel demonstrated the sanctions on the Erez Crossing on the Gaza border. The demonstration was coordinated with the police, and organized by both Jewish and Arab groups, including Ta'ayush, the Coalition of Women for Peace, Gush Shalom, and the Balad and Hadash political parties. The protest was dubbed a "relief convoy" aimed to transfer food, blankets, and other basic needs to Gaza.

Regarding the situation on the Gaza-Egypt border, which remains open after militants blew up the border fence last week, Leftist activist and former MK Uri Avneri told the rally that "three days ago, a wall here fell, like the Berlin Wall, like the separation wall, and like all the walls and fences in this country will."

"As Israelis, we came to transfer crucial supplies and to say we are not partner to this crime, we are shamed of this siege. Our hearts are with our Palestinian brothers who are demonstrating on the other side. Our hearts are also with our brothers residing in Sderot. The Qassam threat must stop, but it won't stop through 'an eye for an eye,' but rather when we talk to Hamas," Avneri continued.

A demonstrator at a parallel rally on the Gaza side of the border fence, speaking to the Israeli protest through a cellular phone held to a loudspeaker, said that "together we must create a partnership and chase after peace in Gaza, Ramallah, Israel, and Sderot . . . I feel honored to speak with you. Every drop of blood that spills in Israel or in Palestine is a blow to our humanity. Please send this message to the all of the people in Israel."


The impact of the Palestinian exodus

Gazans who accept nothing less than freedom

by Mary Sparrowdancer

I have lots of faith in the future after seeing what the Palestinians did. They tore down the damn wall and showed us all that liberty only belongs to those who claim it as theirs, not to those who think it is handed out like communion wafers by governmental popes.

Why this soldier and many others support Ron Paul

See also: Quagmire in the USA

NH Secretary of State: A deer in the headlights

Election Fraud in New Hampshire

by Mark Yannone

Standard procedure in New Hampshire is to keep the ballots in a vault. Watch as Bev Harris of Black Box Voting tries and fails repeatedly to find out from New Hampshire's Secretary of State, Bill Gardner, why the standard procedure of the night before is being abandoned this night and the ballots left in a room that the janitor can enter with a key. Bev Harris demonstrates the uselessness of the sealing tape used on the cartons of ballots.

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OK, everybody can pass GO and collect $300

Craig J. CantoniA rebate check for Junior

by Craig J. Cantoni

"Junior called today," said the wife to her husband. "He's having trouble making the payment on his condo. I think we should give him $1,000."

"Are you on drugs?" asked the husband incredulously. "He's 22, we paid for his trade school after he goofed off throughout high school, and then we helped him with down payments for his condo and car. Now you want to give him $1,000."

"Have a heart," responded the wife, with tears welling up in her eyes. "He can't even pay his cell phone bill."

"Of course he can't. He has no self-restraint and is constantly yakking on the damn thing. We're on a cheap plan and limit our minutes, so instead of doing without a cell phone, he's going to mooch off our frugality to pay for his spendthrift ways. How the hell is he ever going to learn responsibility if we keep coming to his rescue with easy money?"

Sobbing now, the wife responded, "But he's going to lose everything. No one will even loan him money again."

"Yeah, his creditworthiness is like the US dollar: plummeting. Only a fool would keep loaning money to someone who keeps borrowing when his expenses exceed his income. Well, I'm not like the Chinese, who keep loaning Americans money because they save and we don't."

"For God's sake, don't go off on one of your political tirades," said the wife with disgust. "We're talking about our son, not the Chinese. Besides, if we give him $1,000, our family's fortunes will improve."

"Huh? Where did you get that goofy idea?" asked the husband, shaking his head and sighing in exasperation.

"I got it from Nancy Pelosi, George Bush, and commentators on CNN," said the wife with a smirk on her face, thinking that she had gotten the best of hubby. "They said that the economy will improve if money is taken from some people and given to other people."

Monopoly"HOLY CRAP!" exclaimed the husband. "Tell me how our family's fortunes improve by taking money out of our pocket and putting it in Junior's pocket. Does that make the family richer? Does that encourage Junior to save? How does it solve the root problem?"

"You've never had any feelings, you heartless cheapskate," said the wife as she stormed out of the room.

Mr. Cantoni is an author and columnist. He can be reached at

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Ron Paul at the GOP debate in Boca Raton, Florida

Vote here.

Our communist neighbors may be forgiven. It's not their fault.

Craig J. CantoniAre humans hardwired to be collectivists?

by Craig J. Cantoni

"I don't want to pay for your damn private school," fumed the retired public school teacher, whose three kids attended public schools.

The angry comment was in response to a question I've asked in scores of newspaper columns over the years. His answer was typical of the hundreds of answers I've received, for it put words in my mouth and had nothing to do with what I had asked.

There's something about THE QUESTION that brings out a primordial response in people, similar to how a chimpanzee is genetically programmed to respond to a perceived threat with barred teeth, screams, somersaults, and hair standing straight on its back. I'm coming to the conclusion that humans are hardwired to be collectivists and thus attack expressions of individualism, especially if the tribe's children are involved.

I had not asked the retired teacher if he would pay for my kid's Catholic education. Rather, the question was this: "What is the justification for my wife and me being forced to subsidize the pubic education of the three children of a well-off physician in our neighborhood?"

The question came with these background facts: The physician will pay approximately the same $190,000 in public education taxes over his lifetime that my wife and I will pay. But he will get about $360,000 in education services in return (the school district's cost of educating each of his children for 12 years) and we will get no direct benefit in return. In a real sense, the difference of $170,000 between what he pays and receives will be picked up by my wife and me.

I don't know about you, but $170,000 isn't chump change to Kim and me.

A typical answer to the question in bold above is that "Public education taxes are for the common good."

Beware of abstractions like the "common good." It's an historical fact that such abstractions have been used to justify putting people in railroad cars for delivery to the gulag or showers. Invariably, some people are excluded from the common good, such as peasants under Stalin, Jews under Hitler, and, by no means even close in evil to these two examples, people who have their money taken in a liberal democracy for other people under the pretense of the common good.

But even if someone buys into the rationale about the common good, how does it help the common good for the physician to be subsidized by Kim and me? After all, because he would educate his kids without the subsidy, the subsidy does not result in a net gain to the common good. It's a net gain to the physician, but not to the common good. It might be a different matter if the subsidy only went to the poor, but that's not the case with public education taxes or most other collectivist programs.

For the record, my family subsidizes the education and living expenses of an orphan at a Catholic orphanage in southern Mexico. But we do so voluntarily and not through coercion. I'll use that fact as a segue to the next point.

Another typical answer to the question in bold is that because I have chosen to send my kid to private school, I shouldn't complain about being coerced to pay public education taxes. That's like saying that Russian peasants shouldn't have complained about having their land expropriated by the Bolsheviks, because they chose to own private land instead of joining the collective. Using that logic, if the US government were to nationalize the food industry and collect taxes for government commissaries, people shouldn't complain about paying extra to shop in private supermarkets, because that would be their choice. The same with nationalized healthcare: If American healthcare were to be nationalized, people shouldn't complain about paying extra to see a physician outside of the nationalized system.

Still another typical answer is that if it were not for public education, children would not be educated and taught to be good Americans. Sigh. First, that is not an answer to the question in bold. Second, it's hogwash.

What kind of thinking is behind such answers? A cynic might say that the answers are driven by self-interest--that people like the retired public school teacher at the beginning of this article are on the receiving end of the subsidy but don't want to admit their self-interest, choosing instead to hide it behind lofty rhetoric about the common good or personal attacks against me.

Deviant specimen of the collectiveA cynic might also say that most people don't question the status quo or think philosophically. They accept what exists because it has always existed in their lifetime. And since 90 percent of Americans have been taught in government schools, they have not been encouraged to think differently about government schools or other forms of collectivism.

But after years of being attacked for my belief in individualism and opposition to collectivism, and after seeing the leading presidential candidates be cheered by the masses for proposing more collectivism, I believe that the reason for the prevailing thinking is more basic: that people are hardwired for collectivism. As such, when the idea of individualism is inserted into their mental cage, they respond with the civilized equivalent of barred teeth, screams, somersaults, and hair standing on their backs. "Destroy the threat" is their programmed response.

The blessings of industrialization, the division of labor, and the Enlightenment are too recent to have changed the hardwiring that developed from a million years of living in hunter-gatherer tribes, or collectives. Clearly, my different hardwiring is due to a genetic mutation.

As such, it would be wise for me to stay away from chimpanzee cages.

Mr. Cantoni is an author, columnist, and founder of Honest Americans Against Legal Theft ( He can be reached at

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pontius Pilate couldn't have done a better job of washing his hands of it

Pontius Pilate washes his hands of the matterAsserted, but Not Proved

by Mark Yannone

Sherry Jackson, former IRS agent, was recently convicted in a federal court in Atlanta of four counts of willful failure to file federal income tax returns.

But what proof beyond reasonable doubt did the prosecution deliver to the jury that Sherry Jackson

1. had a legal duty to perform,
2. failed to perform the legal duty,
3. and knew that she failed to perform the legal duty?

The prosecution must prove these three elements. Mere assertion is wholly inadequate, no matter what the prosecutor and the judge say. The written law says that the three elements must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. The law does not say that any of those elements is frivolous, nor does the law say that proving any of those elements is frivolous. On the contrary, the written law says that it is mandatory for the government to prove all three elements listed above.

But what do we find on page three of Sherry Jackson's trial transcript? Beginning on line 19 we have the following empty, irrelevant statement by the prosecutor, directed squarely at the unsuspecting, very trusting jurors, who have no idea that they are about to be royally scammed:


So the federal government absolved itself of having to prove anything. They should have ordered pizza and beer and watched a couple of movies instead of pretending to have a legitimate trial.

Berlin Wall 2 yields to the human spirit in Palestine

Israel's wall of shame begins to come down

by James Hider
in Rafah

[Extract] Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, running out of the bare necessities, swarmed out of Gaza into Egypt yesterday to buy everything they could lay their hands on after Hamas militants blew up a huge metal border wall.

They returned herding goats, sheep, heifers, and camels, riding on donkey carts laden with sacks of cement, or festooned with cans of petrol strapped to their bodies, after militants brought Israel's siege of the coastal territory to a halt, dismantling the 40-foot-high (12-meter) barrier like a broken concertina.

Old women lugged heavy cans of olive oil, and children stumbled under the weight of packs of powdered milk, passing even more of the besieged masses still rushing through the gaping breaches to stock up on the basics.

"This is a key victory for Hamas," crowed Abu Ayman, a grey-bearded Gaza farmer, as he and his son wrestled two calves across the border. He had just paid $1,000 (£500) for the livestock on the Egyptian side of the border. "Before, we couldn't even find coffins to bury our dead," he said as people swarmed around him in both directions.

The tidal wave of humanity stampeded towards the border from across the Gaza Strip, almost emptying the northern cities of taxis, as news of the breach spread by radio, television, and word of mouth. The United Nations estimated that 350,000 people, a quarter of Gaza's population, had crossed the border by mid-afternoon, with a steady tide still bustling across as night fell. They scrambled across the vast sheets of rusted, corrugated metal that had abruptly turned from imposing wall to giant bridge.

Palestinian exodus into Egypt, driven by Israeli deprivation

Prices of cigarettes, soap, and cement, which had been spiraling out of control in Gaza during the Israeli blockade, plummeted, while on the Egyptian side of the border they rocketed as supplies ran out. By the end of the day many Palestinians were returning empty-handed after their fellow countrymen had stripped Egyptian stores of goods. Some Egyptians even hopped into Gaza to avoid their own inundated shops or to sell motorbikes–much sought after in fuel-starved Gaza.

"I need to buy bread for my children," said Ashraf el-Sayyid, an Egyptian biking into Gaza. "The Palestinians left us with nothing. It's true, they are dear to us, but today they were like locusts."

As the shops in the Egyptian side of Rafah ran out of goods, Palestinians commandeered taxis to take them deeper into Sinai to shop, many clambering on to the roofs of overcrowded cabs to make the trip to al-Arish, 25 miles (40 kilometers) away. Egyptian policemen in riot helmets and batons leaned on their plastic shields, allowing the endless cavalcade to pass by unmolested, and leaving the work of marshalling the vast crowds to Hamas men with guns who operated openly a few feet away.

Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian President, said that he had ordered his border guards to let the Palestinians cross because they were starving under the Israeli blockade, imposed as a means of pressuring Hamas into ending its daily rocket attacks on southern Israel. "I told them to let them come in and eat and buy food and then return them later as long as they were not carrying weapons," Mr. Mubarak said.

Aid organizations had reported a looming humanitarian crisis, but there had been no reports of actual starvation in Gaza.

Hamas officials denied that they had played a role in destroying the massive fence, built by Israel years ago to seal the border and used as a shield from behind which the Israeli army would launch raids into Rafah to attack militants firing on their border positions. Now trucks full of Hamas gunmen patrolled where once Israeli tanks mustered for raids into the bullet-pocked streets of Rafah, a teeming, concrete shanty city of refugees and their descendants.

Few of the Gazans staggering across the border with bags of blankets and boxes of cigarettes and sweets believed Hamas's denial. A Palestinian security guard admitted that the Islamists had been cutting through the base of the metal wall with oxyacetylene torches for months, working in the daytime and behind screens to avoid attracting attention. "I've seen this happening over the past few months. It happened in the daytime but was covered up so that nobody would see," said a lieutenant with the Palestinian National Security, a Hamas-run military unit liaising with Egyptian forces and based in the narrow slice of land between the toppled wall and the Egyptian frontier.

Asked whether he had reported it to the government, he said, "It was the government that was doing this. Who would I report it to?" Seventeen explosions between midnight and 1 a.m. had brought down the sheared-off wall. [Full story]

After 935 lies in two years, what's one more whopping great lie?

935 false statements on 532 occasions preceded war: study 23 Jan 2008 A study by two nonprofit journalism organizations found that acting president Bush and top administration officials issued hundreds of false statements about the national security threat from Iraq in the two years following 9/11. The study concluded that the statements "were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses." The study was posted Tuesday on the Web site of the The Center for Public Integrity, which worked with the Fund for Independence in Journalism. The study counted 935 false statements in the two-year period. It found that in speeches, briefings, interviews and other venues, Bush and administration officials stated unequivocally on at least 532 occasions that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction or was trying to produce or obtain them or had links to al-Qaeda or both.

Everybody knows except you

Treason in Washington, DC

by Mark Yannone

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds reveals that employees of the United States federal government have been involved in a nuclear black market, in narcotics trafficking, in illegal weapons sales, in money laundering, and in acts of terrorism.

United States law enforcement authorities have failed to respond, violating their oaths of office and thwarting the prosecution of many high-level United States federal government employees for crimes that include the capital crime of treason. [Full story]

Sibel Edmonds - Lost in Translation

Part [2] [3] [4]

Para EspaƱol, oprima aqui.

See also: The Brad Blog

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When did "Made in USA" become obscene?

George W. Bush, pushing one of his many lies, assisted by CNNForeign boycotts over Iraq war a factor in U.S. economic downturn

by Sherwood Ross

One of the many contributing factors driving the U.S. economy's sharp downturn is the anger of foreign consumers boycotting American brands over the Iraq war.

It's not just many of the 1.5 billion Muslim consumers, either, that have quit buying Made in America. It's people from France to Brazil to Canada to India, and it is a trend that began even before Bush invaded Iraq--remember those angry millions the world over that took to the streets urging him not to start it?

When foreigners, who once valued American craftsmanship, stop buying U.S. products, it's got to worsen the balance of trade. And that can translate into layoffs, into closed factories, into reduced consumer spending. The Census Bureau is reporting the trade deficit in goods and services was a whopping $63 billion in October--and that's a factor in the current meltdown. [Full story]

Monday, January 21, 2008

Will you admit to your children that you helped finance this?

Israel's walls of shame

Gaza: Genocide and Media Lies

by Mary Sparrowdancer

During this past week, Israeli military forces invaded civilian villages trapped within Gaza's closed borders with tanks, helicopters, warplanes, and drones, massacring 39 and wounding over 100, including scores of unarmed children, babies, and women. Israel says this is punishment for the homemade Qassam rockets fired this week toward Sderot. The total number of Israelis killed by these Qassams was zero.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) headlines on January 18, based on a story from the Associated Press (AP), state, "Israel Temporarily Closes Gaza Border Crossings." This is a wildly misleading statement. Israel has had the Gaza borders sealed off since 2000, trapping the 1.5 million civilians living in the Gaza Strip as prisoners in their own homes. Completely trapped, they cannot escape the wrath or whims of the Israeli military. Empowered by its massive and brutal military, Israel has been systematically ethnically cleansing Palestine of native Palestinians for 60 years now. What Israel has been doing and continues to do to the Palestinians, especially those it has trapped without mercy inside Gaza, is full-blown genocide, but Israel is getting away with murder due to misinformation continuously sold to the public as "news." (1) (2)

The long-closed border crossings surrounding Gaza have been keeping Gaza residents in a state of misery and poverty for years. In 2007, Israel began an escalated denial of food and other necessary supplies to Gaza after Israel declared the civilian population of Gaza to be a "hostile entity."

The WSJ/AP article then creates a masterful soft-pedaling of Israeli atrocities by stating, "Palestinians living in Gaza have had to live without some foodstuffs and basic supplies like spare car parts and computer paper." The truth, however, is far from the laughable "spare car parts" line. The truth is not laughable. It is horrifying.

The truth is that the Israeli government has refused to allow the following supplies into Gaza: bottled water, food, soap, medical supplies, medications, anesthesia for its growing number of sick and injured, paper, emergency relief funds from abroad, simple care packages, adequate supplies from the UN, winter clothing, electricity, fuel, postal service (US Postal Service employees in Florida told me, "there is no Palestine"), cement to repair the numerous Palestinian refugee homes repeatedly bombed and demolished by Israel tanks and warplanes (and a lot of cement is very badly needed as much of Gaza is in ruins), and even batteries for the growing number of hearing aids now needed by those who are shell-shocked in Gaza. At this time, there is no clean water in Gaza, nor is there adequate fuel or electricity. (3)

Regarding the outright genocide and humanitarian catastrophe now taking place in Gaza, the WSJ/AP article reassures the reader that there is nothing to worry about, stating that according to Israeli spokesman Shlomo Dror, "Gazans had enough food that no one would go hungry." Further seeking to reassure us, Mr. Dror gives the following statement: "There is a government decision that there will not be a humanitarian crisis in Gaza." Mr. Dror, however, speaks of the future while ignoring the past and the misery of the present, leaving one to wonder at what point the Israelis will view the collective punishment of 1.5 million thirsty, hungry, and increasingly homeless civilians as a "humanitarian crisis." Gross increases of malnutrition were noted as early as 2002 due to the continuing Israeli border closure and denial of adequate food to these civilians, many of whom are refugees forced off their other Palestinian lands taken from them by Israel. According to the World Food Program, anemia rates due to malnutrition have now risen to over 77 percent. (4)

Gaza ruins

Gaza refugee village following ongoing bombardment and bulldozing of refugee
homes by Israeli military forces. [Source] Photo by Palestinian Centre for
Human Rights, 2003.

In addition to the Gaza civilians being made homeless and collectively punished by starvation, thirst, and Israeli-imposed filth and neglect, during the past few months over 70 medical patients have needlessly perished while awaiting medical treatment, because the Israeli government denied them permission to pass through Gaza's closed borders. (5)

There are many ways to decimate unarmed or primitively armed native populations when a brutally armed military force desires to move in and take their land away from them. For the past 60 years, Zionist Israel has used many methods in an attempt to drive the Palestinians from their ancestral lands. Among those methods is repeated, total destruction of their property.

As the Israeli military continues to drive Palestinians from their land, Zionist Israel has also depended on its worldwide mainstream presses to hide all of the rather shocking details from the general public, as well as from their own Israeli citizens. Many Israelis do not know that each of the Jewish-only "settlements" dotting the Palestinian countryside has been illegally built upon land forcefully taken from the Palestinians without compensation. Not a single settlement can be built unless additional land is again forcefully taken from the Palestinian owners. This has been easily done, however, because only the military aggressor who covets this land is armed with tanks, warplanes, and other sophisticated equipment.

Gaza ruins

More Israeli aerial destruction of Gaza refugee homes in 2003. Photo by
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, 2003.

The real information detailing what is going on in Gaza and the rest of Palestine will not be easily found in mainstream media. The majority of the mainstream media brings us "news" written in such a way that it is unfairly biased in favor of the Zionist aggressors, while downplaying or completely dismissing the slaughter of Palestinians by continuously referring to these victims as "terrorists," "armed militants," or "wanted."

Independent journalists, on the other hand, appear to have taken the investigation of world events far more seriously. They tend to try to find the truth via firsthand accounts, which they then share with the world. One such independent, freelance journalist is Sarah Price. Sarah, who is based in Los Angeles, visited Gaza in October 2007 to see for herself what was happening there.

At the time of her visit last October, special arrangements had to be made in order for her to cross the borders that continue to be closed and guarded by the Israeli military. Once inside the closed borders, she saw the grim reality of everyday life in Gaza. She heard the constant noise of the Israeli military presence, she saw the children smiling one moment and panic-stricken the next following Israeli air strikes. She saw the truth about the food situation that Israel is now trying to hide from the world's eyes. The vendors in the markets had only rotting and spoiled fruits to sell, but none of it was discarded. (6)

"It will still be gone in an hour," Sarah quotes physician and human rights advocate, Dr. Mona El-Farra, as saying, "because they have to eat something." (7)

With the borders tightly closed and no one able to easily see what the Israeli military is doing, during the past week Israeli forces comprised of tanks, warplanes, and helicopters invaded again civilian refugee villages in Gaza, destroying more buildings and homes, while also massacring 39 innocent men, women, and children. In addition, over 100 civilians were wounded, a large percentage of them children, compounding problems for both patients and hospitals, due to Israeli denial of medical supplies.

As the Israeli Apache choppers and warplanes roared over Gaza Strip, targeting homes at random as well as shelling a wedding party in which one woman was killed and scores of children were injured, an Israeli drone flew off on its own mindless mission, and without conscience or warning it singled out and slaughtered a mother and her two sons who were riding home on a donkey cart carrying oranges. Medical personnel had trouble identifying these victims from the fragments and pieces that were left by the vicious drone attack. (8)

According to WSJ/AP, the latest announcement of "temporary" border closing and air strikes are due to "recent rocket barrages" fired toward the southern Israeli town of Sderot. (Sderot is built upon the Palestine village of Nadj.) The WSJ/AP article goes on to quote ministry spokesman Shlomo Dror again, this time saying, "'It's time that Hamas decide to either fight or take care of its population,' he said. 'It's unacceptable that people in Sderot are living in fear every day and people in the Gaza Strip are living life as usual.'"

One wonders what "life as usual" must be like for the 1.5 million hungry prisoners of Gaza. One also might wonder what sort of weaponry Mr. Dror expects the Hamas to use as he challenges the Hamas to fight the Israeli military. The Palestinians have no access to tanks, Blackhawks, Apaches, drones, blimps, F-16s, armored vehicles, gunboats, or nuclear weapons, all of which are possessed by Israel. What does Mr. Dror expect the Hamas to fight with against the massive Israeli army, navy, and air force?

Gaza ruins

"Life as usual," following yet another Israeli military strike on refugee homes in
Gaza. Photo by Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, 2004.

The "recent rocket barrage" that Mr. Dror referred to resulted in no Israeli deaths. In fact, the Qassams rarely result in injuries or extensive property damage. Israeli "Defense" Minister, Yaakov Toran, is quoted as saying, ". . . we need to remember that Qassams are more a psychological than physical threat. Statistically they cause the fewest losses . . ." And yet, it is the Palestinians who are constantly referred to as "terrorists" by the mainstream press. Nearly every day, those who are armed with rifles and the boys throwing stones at tanks and armored vehicles are referred to as "militants" or "terrorists" while the criminally aggressive Israeli military with its arsenal of weapons is referred to as a "defense" force trying to protect itself from "Palestinian terrorists." (9)

Gazan boy throws rocks at Israeli tank

Fares Odeh from Gaza, age 13, throws a stone at an advancing Israeli tank sent
to disperse demonstrators with live ammunition. Nine days later, as Fares was
throwing stones at another Israeli tank, he was shot in the neck by an Israeli
sharpshooter and killed. Photo by Laurent Rebours of the Associated Press, 2000.

The fact is, Israel is committing atrocities and war crimes because it can do so with its extravagant armed forces, funded and made possible by US dollars. Israel is a military force from which the civilians of Gaza cannot adequately defend themselves, and it is a military force that is randomly attacking civilians without regard for the fact that the large majority are unarmed or are armed only with stones. It is a military force that considers boys who throw stones at armored tanks to be "militants" deserving death or imprisonment.

Israeli citizens who do learn the truth about the stark suffering and loss of all human rights in Gaza and the West Bank are usually horrified at the conditions. They form groups, they protest, they write, and they march in solidarity with the Palestinian refugees.

One such group is Gush Shalom. They are planning to assemble a convoy of trucks carrying water filters and other supplies desperately needed in Gaza. Their convoy will go to one of the Israeli checkpoints along the Gaza border on January 26, 2008. There the assembled people of the convoy will stand not as Jews or Christians or Muslims or anything else that separates one group from another. They will stand together as human beings and ask the Israeli guards for permission to cross into Gaza so that they may deliver the needed goods to the Palestinians waiting on the other side of the fence. When I read about this planned convoy, I sent a donation to help purchase supplies. I sent it to the Eschaton Foundation, Resource Center for Nonviolence, which is accepting donations in the US for the Gush Shalom convoy. (10) (11)

Yesterday, I received a thank you letter from Eschaton, and in the envelope was a charming little card with pressed flowers on it. The card read, "Flowers from Palestine." I touched the delicate flower petals that had somehow endured their journey from Palestine to Eschaton in California and from there to my home in Florida, still intact. The petals seemed to suggest there might be a simple and enduring way out of this terrible situation in the Holy Land. Turning the card over, I read the message on the back. "We don't want you to bring the Israelis to their knees, but to bring them to their senses. We believe in restorative justice: to redress the wrongs rather than avenge them, (signed) Zoughbi Zoughbi of Wi'Am, Palestinian Conflict Resolution. Bethlehem - Palestine."

Perhaps having spent the day researching the violence and watching videos of the carnage in Gaza left me emotionally vulnerable, but when I read this, I was overwhelmed. Now came the tears that I had fought back all day long. A flower does indeed have a far better chance of bringing about enduring peace than bullets and artillery fire ever will.

I send my best wishes and good luck to the Israeli Gush Shalom convoy of compassion. May your passage be smooth on January 26, and may this border be opened to you. I hope the whole world will be watching. May this day mark the beginning of a new era, in which many nations will come to their senses and see that humanity does not need to live in a state of perpetual violence.

Most important, after 60 years of endless suffering, may the God-given human rights, dignity, and civil liberties of the Palestinians finally be acknowledged and honored for the first time.

Mary SparrowdancerCopyright 2008 by Mary Sparrowdancer. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.

Mary Sparrowdancer (Web site) is an independent journalist and the author of a bestselling book, The Love Song.

Cited References

1. Wall Street Journal.

2. Gaza "total siege and closure," September 2000.

3. Conditions in Gaza.

4. World Food Program.

5. Death Toll of patients reaches 70 due to closed borders.

6. Sarah Price, Lighthouse video, 55 minutes.
Eyewitness account of what she saw in Gaza.

7. Sarah Price writes about Gaza.

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9. Defense Minister Director, General Yaakov Toran, on Qassams.

10. Gush Shalom

11. Eschaton Foundation, 515 Broadway, Santa Cruz CA 95060

See also: A 3-minute video showing the aftermath of the latest Israeli air strike on Gaza:

Update 01/22/08:

Israel forced into U-turn over Gaza 22 Jan 2008 Israel has reversed its decision to stop all supplies reaching Gaza after a storm of international protest accusing Israel of "collective punishment" of the territory's civilian population. The closure of all supply lines brought the Gaza Strip, an area that has experienced decades of suffering, close to its worst crisis.

Gazans get emergency fuel for power plant 22 Jan 2008 An Israeli-approved emergency shipment of industrial fuel for the Gaza Strip's sole electricity plant began arriving in the Hamas-ruled territory on Tuesday, a Palestinian official said. The week's supply of fuel was expected to allow for power production in Gaza to resume within 12 hours.

The poor and the sick suffer as Israel cuts power to Gaza 22 Jan 2008 Mansour Rahal's doctor, Kamal al-Geathny, said: "If the fuel runs out for the generators and we have no power, he and six other patients in this unit will die." This was the scene at the hospital before Israel authorised limited supplies of fuel and medicine to Gaza last night after a wave of international condemnation for its act of "collective punishment" in imposing a four-day total embargo, which had left much of the Strip without electricity.

When you must lie

Social Security card

by Mark Yannone

Ladies, when an application form asks for your Social Security number or your date of birth or any other piece of identifying information (like your mother's maiden name) that isn't already in the telephone directory, leave those fields blank. When those fields are mandatory, just make up some data or consider doing business elsewhere. Don't release valid information. Here's one story of many that illustrates why you must lie:

(01/21/2008)--A computer tape containing personal data of 650,000 customers of about 230 retailers including J.C. Penney is missing, credit card issuer GE Money said on Friday.
Richard Jones, a spokesman for the General Electric unit, said a backup computer tape being stored at a facility operated by Iron Mountain, an information protection and storage company, had been lost.

Jones added that Social Security numbers of about 150,000 people were also included on the tape. [Full story]

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President Paul will have voters laughing at federal candidates

Ron Paul

by Mark Yannone

In 1913 the federal government convinced the gullible American public that it could rightfully shove its grimy hand into our pockets without too much fear of getting shot. They claimed a right to steal from Americans, slowly at first and then with a vengeance, taking private property from one to give to another, redistributing wealth and punishing thrift, productivity, creativity, and success. This theft by government retarded everything that had made America great, so great that the rest of the world stood in awe of our progress. (See "Before the Income Tax" by G. Edward Griffin.)

Since then the people of this nation have abused their political candidates and elected officials, coercing them to commit larceny on their behalf. "Promise me A, B, and C, and you will get my vote," say the shameless voters to their spineless government agents and weak-kneed candidates. "Promise me X, Y, and Z, and I will contribute money to your election campaign," say your neighbors to your representatives and political candidates.

Today these politicians don't wait to be asked to commit larceny. Being higher-order creatures who can anticipate the stimulus-response cycle after watching it happen a few thousand times every election season, they conduct focus groups and survey their constituents to find out what is on their minds, if anything.

The politicians are also treated to a flood of questionnaires from groups that pretend to represent the interests of various factions of voters. For instance, one group will pretend to guard your First Amendment rights, another will pretend to guard your Second Amendment rights, and so forth, all the way through the Bill of Rights and various other amendments, including some new amendments that are far beyond the scope of the federal government even if they do get your minister all frothy and sweaty on a Sunday morning for about five minutes or at least long enough to elicit a donation for the cause of wiping out horse-monkey disease in the Swiss Alps.

The lunacy doesn't end there though. Election campaigns include candidate forums, so-called debates, and media interviews, where candidates can lie in public or promise to commit larceny. The public realizes that everything that a politician promises them is bovine excrement, except for the part that is mule dung, but they kid themselves anyway and pretend that Candidate A is the candidate to vote for because he promised X, Y,and Z, on cue, as requested.

The ultimate in lunacy follows. With a perfectly straight face the voter then takes note of the little plastic signs he sees along the highway--signs bearing his candidate's name, slogan, and/or picture. This validates for the voter his decision to vote for Candidate A, the candidate who promised to steal from his neighbors (but not from him) so that the federal government can wipe out horse-monkey disease in the Swiss Alps, a family value and inconvenient truth that the voter holds near and dear to his heart.

When Candidate A is elected and horse-monkey disease spreads to Africa, South America, and parts of Antarctica, while some of his neighbors are made unemployed, murderous, and homeless by the theft, then the voter looks back on the election--very briefly--and declares politics to be nothing but a crock and he expected as much. He'll tell his friends that he really wanted Candidate B, but he knew that he didn't have a chance of winning.

So what does all this have to do with Ron Paul, the presidential candidate that the old media is trying so hard to ignore? Plenty. A president of the United States who has a very long, unbroken record in Congress of principled votes that adhere to the limits of the Constitution will render the liars and thieves virtually harmless with his veto. The voter and the politician will be able to anticipate with great certainty that such budget earmarks and unconstitutional legislation don't stand a chance of being signed by the president. Hence any promise of larceny will appear uproariously funny long before an election.

Ironically, rampant election fraud may be telling us that the days of electing a national government of representatives may be over. So be it.

I speak Eenglish berry gud. I learn eet from a book.

Government skool learnin'

Friday, January 18, 2008

National survey company calls MMA

Meanest Man Alive

[Phone rings.]

MMA: Good afternoon. Meanest Man Alive, may I help you?

SURVEY: Hello, sir. I'm calling on behalf of the [survey company]. On the subject of abortion, would you say you are pro-abortion, anti-abortion, or somewhere in the middle?

MMA: Well, ma'am, you see it goes like this: The occasional grin from the vacuum

South Carolina Elections Department to voters: "Trust us!"

by Mark Yannone

South Carolina's elections are conducted on black boxes--all of which are inherently untrustworthy. Worse, not one vote cast in South Carolina can be verified. Not one.

"Trust us," they say.

Well, I have a couple of words for them too.


Let freedom ring!

by Mark Yannone

The lies of the old media and their desperate attempts to prop up this rotting corpse of a government will not prevail this time. This is the time for truth and justice and freedom. The entire world is invited to the party. Come one, come all!

If the earth went around the sun, we'd already know about it

Larken RoseYou Cult Freaks!

by Larken Rose

Some people think I'm being melodramatic when I use terms like "tax heretic." On the contrary, I am being literally precise. "Heresy" is a forbidden belief, a conclusion that the powers that be will not tolerate--not because they can prove it's wrong, but because they have declared it to be wrong.

Consider Galileo. Did the clueless "authorities" who persecuted and imprisoned him have any proof that what he was saying was wrong? Of course not. Instead, there was evidence available to all that the wise men of "the church" were clueless jackasses. The official doctrine of the "authorities" back then was that the earth was the middle of everything, and everything else revolved around us. However, anyone who took a little time to track the movement of the other planets through the sky could see that at times they would apparently swerve around wildly. If they were going around us, like the moon, they would just make smooth, simple arcs. Instead, the planets were doing loopty-loops, and some people noticed that. (Galileo was not the first.)

So, after Galileo wrote down his evidence and logic, and his resulting conclusions--e.g., the earth goes around the sun--what was the rebuttal from the establishment? Did they respond with facts and figures, evidence and logic? Of course not. They responded with cries of "heresy!" And what does that mean? It means, "We say what the truth is, and the truth is what we say it is, because we say it--and we say you're wrong!" Well, that radical Galileo kept saying it anyway, so they imprisoned him. (Wow, this story somehow seems really familiar.)

Now consider the income tax issues. Without getting into details, as I've done recently, many people have now seen, with their own eyes, evidence that unmistakably disproves the "conventional wisdom" (aka accepted doctrine) about the income tax. As just one example, the so-called experts think that all income is taxable unless specifically exempted by statute, but decades of regulations have stated that some income is exempt, not because of any section of the tax code, but because of the Constitution itself. (See Article 71 of Regulations 111 (1920's), 26 CFR 39.22(b)-1 (1956)), and the current 26 CFR 1.312-6.)

And how has the establishment responded to that hard evidence? With contrary evidence? With alternative explanations? Of course not. They responded with "frivolous!," the modern equivalent of "heresy!" In all my years of studying the issue, and trying to get rational counterarguments out of the government, I have never seen any court ruling, at any level, any IRS ruling, or even an IRS form letter that even mentions the regulations saying that some income is not taxable because of the Constitution itself.

But they don't need to. They yell "frivolous," and that ends all debate. It is a sin, don't you know, to believe something that the high priests of taxation have declared invalid. Don't ask for citations or evidence or lines of reasoning. They said so is all you need to know. To not believe as they do, no matter what the reason, makes you a heretic, a sinner, and in need of mental adjustment and correction. Still think I'm exaggerating? Check out this article.

Here are some highlights, straight from the mouths of the self-anointed high priests of tax law.

1. J.J. MacNab, supposedly a tax expert, declared that the 861 evidence is "a cult belief." Having tried to question Ms. MacNab in the past about a few things that the law says, I can personally vouch for the fact that she is astonishingly ignorant of the law and doesn't care that she has no rebuttal or explanation whatsoever to any of the 861 evidence.

2. She goes on to say, "You're not going to become a tax protestor unless you're really angry, a little bit paranoid--you have to think someone is hiding words in the code that the rest of us don't see." So you can't believe you don't owe income taxes as a result of study and logic. No, it's because you're psychologically maladjusted and in need of attitude correction. Don't worry, I'm sure the federal Ministry of Love will be happy to help you out. In another article, she opined that "tax protestors" are mainly middle-aged, poor, white, male racists. Well, I have the "white" and "male" qualifications.

3. One tax lawyer in the article opined, "if there was a legal, efficient way to evade taxes, chances are we'd already know about it." Um, how? When someone tells you--no, shows you something you don't know about, how do you react? With insults and veiled threats. I can just picture the self-righteous authorities of the past declaring, "If the earth went around the sun, we'd already know about it. "

4. But the most amazing, sickening thing in the article was where another attorney was talking about a lottery winner who wasn't happy with how much the feds wanted and ended up believing some unorthodox tax theory (I have no idea which one). Here is the attorney's follow-up comment (have a barf bucket handy): "It wasn't until two special agents from the IRS showed up with guns at his kid's school that he discovered what he was doing wasn't right." He discovered that what he was doing wasn't right, because armed U.S. Nazis showed up at his kid's school?

There you have it: "We can hurt you, and that proves you're wrong!" You should feel bad, because they hurt you (thereby proving that you were in the wrong). In other words, might makes right. That is the theme of every propaganda piece put out by the U.S. extortion racket and faithfully parroted by people pretending to be reporters: "Here is what will happen to you if you believe this! Even if they don't lock you up, they'll take all your money! Repent, sinner!" Um, can we get some answers, or a rational discussion? "No! Shut up, heretic!"

I spent a year in prison because some utterly moronic bureaucrats and a handful of profoundly ignorant lower court judges told me that the 861 evidence was invalid. And twelve village idiots in the jury box, who would never be heretics themselves because a prerequisite to thinking outside of the box is having a brain, decided that was sufficient. You see, I couldn't believe what I was saying, because self-proclaimed authorities told me I was wrong!

At Galileo's sentencing, he was rebuked for having the gall to believe "that an opinion may be held and defended as probable after having been declared and defined as contrary to Holy Scripture" by the authorities. So he was imprisoned and coerced into saying that his conclusions were wrong. In his recantation, he described his own sin as having expressed his theories about the earth and the sun, even "after having received a notification that the said doctrine is contrary to Holy Writ." They gave him "notice," and he had the gall to not change his mind. Damn heretic!

Not much has changed in the last three hundred years.

See also: Willful failure to file: guilty or not guilty?