Sunday, May 10, 2009

Zombie Nation

"Do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with a pyschological illness?"

"All my friends."

Making a Killing (94 minutes)

Alternate source: Psychiatry: An Industry of Death

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Bobby said...

How 'bout posting a run time for your movies?

AndesOwl said...

Despite its length, this is a video every thinking peson should watch.
It just goes to show how most medical professionals are as gullible as the people they puport to serve.
Depression? When I was a girl and got depressed my mother used to say, "Get some work done, you'll soon feel better." Wouldn't it be great if the so called psychiatrists could exercise as much common sense?
Bi-polar disorder? Normal mood swings!
It's really good to be able to listen to a video like this that points out what I've always known due to my practical mother. Even better to know that a group of people have had the gumption to make this video to enlighten others.

Anonymous said...

I find this troubling since a person with bipolar or who is schizophrenic might read this and think they don't need their medication. Some people do require medication for mental illness.

Sepp said...

"Some people do require medication for mental illness."

Hmmm - well the whole point of the video is to show that do NOT require medication, that they would be much better off without it.

No one requires medication for their mental state. Perhaps comprehension, perhaps a helping hand, a safe place to be, but medication?

Gimme a break!

Perhaps, Anonymous, you should watch the video and try to understand what is being said?

Millers Grain House said...

Please post the length so we can know we have time to view the complete video!

I will say that our son was diagnosed with ADD in '90 and daughter (while going through exams in college this past fall) was told she was in need of depression meds. Both by a general practitioner. Neither were put on ANYTHING - EVER.

They are both 'over it' now. Self discipline for our son (his desire to focus) and faith for our daughter. No WAY were we doing any meds - even before this came out.

No. You don't need what they push on you.

It's called 'practicing medicine' for a reason - they don't have it right YET.