Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Keith Olbermann shows his true colors for all to see

by Mark Yannone

Like Judge Andrew Napolitano, Keith Olbermann has been able to snooker a large segment of the population into believing that he is a patriot, a fiercely dedicated freedom fighter. So many of their words sound good, but their messages are profoundly corrupt. Yesterday Keith Olbermann showed us very clearly that he is part of the rotten status quo. Granted, some still won't get it, but a great many will.

Keith Olbermann on Major Stefan Cook and Orly Taitz


Loren said...

There it is folks, this is what you are thought of if you have the balls to stand up to this corruption in the "FREE USA". I will always stand on guard for my country even though I am ashamed of so many of it's citizens. Try taking a bullet for the nation and then find out you were always meant to be a sacrifice. To put it another way, it isn't if you will have to sacrifice your life for your country, you are the sacrifice for your country. See the difference? They want you to die. The government wants you to die. That's why we still have the 5.56 for ammo. Sure you can shoot alot of ammo down range but it isn't very effective and even less so when you are under the stress of battle. I've been following our men and women in uniform since 9-11 and have found faulty helmets, faulty body armor, dangerous electric wiring on the bases, dirty unsafe water to drink, AWOL at all time highs, depression at all time highs, and lest we forget military sexual trauma (sexual assault) at an all time high, just to protect a country that is trying to kill you.
So I hope more and more of you will support these very brave people because if the enemy in the field of battle doesn't kill them there is an even more dangerous enemy at home who is trying just as hard to kill them.

Connie Lane,ACH, NCC said...

I'm afraid you are brainwashed. You would do well to get deprogrammed so you can think for yourself again. Stop watching TV and see how your mind miraculously changes so you can be free again! It will only take about a month for you to notice some changes in how you view things. Please try it!

Dean said...

I couldn't be more proud of Major Cook! Apparently Field Grade Officers not lacking in intestinal fortitude are hard to come by in our military today. Maybe some more will grows some B*lls and do their duty.

Pegasus said...

Americans are the most ignorant people on earth.
Olbermann forgot to say "Cook" won in court,and will not have to go to war.
He also forgot to mention that "Cook" was force by the military to be fired from his civilian job.
This idiot is paid to tell America what our enemies want him go tell us.
Olbermann is our Enemy..he is on the list.