Thursday, July 16, 2009

Military alert!

United States militaryTime to show what you're made of

by Rob Lamb

July 15, 2009

Admiral Michael Mullen, CJCS
General James E Cartwright USMC, VCJCS
General George W. Casey, Jr. USA
Admiral Gary Roughead, USN
General Norton A. Schwartz, USAF
General James T. Conway, USMC


We are now in a situation where those who desire to extricate themselves from the War On Terror, or any other military obligation, may do so by challenging their orders. All one needs to do is question the legitimacy of the alleged president, Soetoro, and they are immediately released. What will you do if all the military want to know the truth? What will you do then? Should not they expect their orders to be legal? Every person in the military should resist, barring absolute proof. If only our military had hundreds of thousands of others with Major Stefan Frederick Cook's bravery.

Show us, gentlemen, that you, too, have that bravery. Show the American People that you are not just armchair generals, fat and incompetent, happy to collect your paychecks, waiting to retire. Show us that you indeed have some testicular fortitude and the "guts" for which our military is known. Show us you give a damn.

You cannot allow this wound to fester. It is Soetoro, at the top, who must prove himself. Not the other way around. With every damn "i" dotted, and "t" crossed; all the way back to August 4, 1961, from Kenya, to Hawaii, to Indonesia, the passports, the Selective Service application, through school. All of it. ALL OF IT.

The American People cannot depend on Robert Gates. He has licked every boot he ever encountered, for administrations reaching back to when he first joined the CIA. Suckling at the government teat for one's entire adult life tends to alter the ego, mettle, and judgment. He is worthless.

At one time, there were hopes for Colin Powell. I cannot believe I wrote, begging McCain to put him on the ticket, as V.P., last fall. It turns out he is merely a sycophantic racist; one who now has regrets, or "concerns." As if that will help this country now. That moron helped put the U.S. on the road to hell.

Congress, for the most part, is nothing but a miserable pathetic collection of spineless, weak political slugs of the lowest order. They thrive only in their own sewage, secreting their vile mucus in every direction, politically apophallating each other. Possibly you can discern my measurement of Congress' usefulness.

To keep this drip from becoming a torrent, you must demand that Soetoro prove his legitimacy, once and for all. First, he should be a citizen of the United States, incredibly, even that is questionable. But, to be president, he must have two citizen parents. He can be given the benefit of the doubt on the other two requirements. World leaders and intelligence agencies know he is a fraud. Foreign populations have been informed by their media, and know him to be a fraud. Our own CIA and FBI know he is a fraud. Millions of Americans know he is a fraud. Major Cook knows he is a fraud. I'm of the opinion you gentlemen also know he is a fraud.

Honduras. Could this tiny, poor, third world DEMOCRACY be a model for the United States of America? I can't believe I just wrote that down. Yet that country was not going to allow a president usurp power he did not constitutionally possess, as we have. The Honduran Army was forced to step in and correct the situation, and immediately turn over the reins of power to legitimate officeholders. Their military were true leaders. A coups? No. A correction.

You could achieve the same thing by demanding honesty, truth, and transparency of Soetoro. Demand his bona fides. Prove to the American People that you are leaders. Prove to the American People that you are patriots worthy of the medals on your chests. Or return them as undeserved.

We learn, today, that DOD's Defense Security Services Agency has demanded that Simtech CEO, Larry Grice, terminate Major Stefan Frederick Cook, and that his security clearances have been revoked. Despicable mistreatment of a true hero. What about the very idea that the military must follow legal orders? How the hell do they know the orders are legal if they don't ask? Doesn't this violate the whistle blower protections afforded anybody who works for the government? Yes, soldiers who work for the military, work for the government.

This hero, Major Cook, swore to uphold the Constitution, not a phony president. For doing his job, for protecting the Constitution, he is felled, as if by an enemy bullet, but it turns out to be friendly fire. The despicable coward who ordered this treatment of him should be hanged. By destroying Cook, an illegal order is executed; exactly what Cook was trying to avoid.

He is the hero, the patriot, you gentlemen will never be.

Yours very truly,

Rob Lamb

cc: Major Stefan Frederick Cook, Dr. Orly Taitz, the press, Pelosi, Reid, McCain, McConnell, Gates, Powell, Members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, Soetoro.



Fred said...

Thank you Rob for challenging our illustrious Pentagon puppets to perform the duty to the oath they swore to uphold to the constitution of this Republic from all enemies foriegn and domestic. These armchair admirals and generals are so far embedded in the far reaches of the Pentagon so as not to make any waves that may jeopardize that cushy lifestyle, hefty paycheck and guaranteed pension forever that they have lost all honor and dignity. You better believe they know we have an illegal alien usurper as POTUS just as much as our spineless slugs and jellyfish we call politicians know.

This issue is not going to just go away and in fact is reaching critical mass because more and more people are demanding legal proof with all the pending lawsuits and actions being taken everyday in this nation. Most all of the justice systems and courts have been blocking and stalling these legal proceedings, but we are slowly gaining ground and soon all will be exposed.

The idea of " go along just to get along " is no longer a valid reason for our military, political slugs and courts systems to turn a blind eye on this coverup and any and all government servants must be held accountable and complicit in this matter and deserving of our finest hemp rope for being TRAITORS to this Constitutional Republic.

Everytime I think of this illegal usurper, I compare him to that song " The Rubber Band Man ", well the " Rubber Band Man " has to either provide legal proof, and not a forged COLB or selective service certificate, or vacate that White House office immediately on his way to prison.

Major Cook is a true patriot and I believe there are many more that will step forward and bring this mess to a head.

Charles Labianco said...

Charles Labianco Said:
Mark Yanonne,
You have been my eyes, through articles and my ears through videos
for the political truth since I became politically aware about 2 years ago.
I am forever in your debt. You are a true patriot, giving of your time, energy, and brain power to the cause of freedom for all of us.
"God save the Constitutional Republic." ( save not the freakin queen, nor king, nor usurper )
Your devoted friend,
Charles Labianco
Age 64

Mark Yannone said...

Thanks, Charles! My pleasure. I wish there were more hours in the day to do justice to the dedicated writers.